Routing talent-position HP logic with Mic sources

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Routing talent-position HP logic with Mic sources

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One of our clients recently asked:
We have a customer who wants to use one microphone selectively with two different control rooms. The mic has mic/headphone accessory panels, and the client wants control of the accessory panel to follow the mic, no matter which of the facility's mixing consoles it's assigned to. Is this possible?
The answer is yes! Here's how.

Axia CANbus studio accessory modules can be physically attached to any console on the network, but this does not determine their logical connection. Here's how to set up a control panel associated with a mic:

1. Assign your mic source to a console. Assign it to, say, Livewire Channel 1001.

2. Send Headphone audio from the console (the Independent Headphone feed) to Livewire Channel 1001.

3. The studio control control panel is then tied to this mic/headphone pair, Livewire Channel 1001

Once you've done this, you can bring up that mic on any console. When you do, the mic audio, backfeed and control panel will come up on the console together. The Livewire channel number bonds the FromAudio/ToAudio/LogicControl together. In this way, logic+audio routing is transparent.

What if you try to bring up the mic on more than one console? No problem. Sources can be heard on multiple consoles at once, but that source has only one "owner" (with backfeed and control). So you load this onto one console and it is locked. You must unload it to load it into a second console.