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IP ranges

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i just got a question from one of our sales guys;
is it possible to set up a network as following:

Studio 1 range: 10.10.10.xxx
Studio 2 range: 10.10.20.xxx
Studio 3 range: 10.10.30.xxx
CAR range: 10.10.100.xxx
all with the same subnet ( i guess)

and still have all the nodes availible in the network?

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Yes, this is perfectly acceptable. Standard IP address rules apply, the same that apply to the business network full of computers.
An IP address in general terms breaks down to a network address and a device address. A Class-C network is 192.168.2.x (mask:, which means the network address is 192.168.2 and the device is x.

In your example, the network address is 10 and the device address is 10.yy.xxx.

There is no limitation other than using industry standards of best practice. Which isn't a limitation the hardware will impose, its only a suggested limitation.

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