iFader 1.5 - Start recording in Adobe Audition from Element

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iFader 1.5 - Start recording in Adobe Audition from Element

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I've finished latest version of my application iFader 1.5 which brings even more convinience to DJs which uses Adobe Audition to record phone bits. If DJ press One Touch Record button (or change Profile) on Element console then Adobe Audition automatically start and stop recording.

iFader is a bridge between Element console (via PathFinder) and applications which does not send or receive any GPIO but are capable of keystrokes like CTRL+N, CTRL+P etc.

You can control features like PLAY, STOP, RECORD, CUE in Adobe Audition, Windows Media Player or virtually any application directly from Element console by pressing ON/OFF fader buttons.

The good news - iFader is now become "T-Shirt ware". If you send me T-Shirt of your station you can use it for free.

If you are interested write me to davidbeck@atlas.cz
David Beck

Chief Engeneer
Radio Blanik / Radio City / Oldies Radio
Praha, Czech Republic


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