Studio Dependent Delay Control

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Studio Dependent Delay Control

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Greetings forum members.

The issue we are hoping to have some light shed on involves using Pathfinder to control the 25-Seven Program Delay Manager (PDM) capabilities of individual boards in individual studios.

We have three separate studios, each with its own Element console. We wanted to avoid possible instances of a station member accidentally pushing one of the delay buttons in one studio while someone is on air in another. Originally we created a Stacking Event in Pathfinder to disable the delay buttons on any particular board when the room's channel in the Vmixer was not on. To do this, we set each of the PDM's Livewire GPIO Port Addresses to three different values and set the GPIO For External Profanity Delay Number in each Power Station to their respective values. The Stacking Event action that brings a studio off air turns off the Vmixer channel for that studio and clears the PDM Livewire Port Address, disabling control of the PDM from that console. In order to bring a studio on air the Event action turns on the Vmixer channel and "restores" the PDM's GPIO Port Address to "Previous".

This works only a limited number of times, as eventually the PDM seems to "forget" what the "Previous" value was; which disables all control of the PDM.

Does anyone have any ideas on how should we be going about doing this? Thanks in advance.

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PFS GPIO channel assignment

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Take a look at building stack events that as a qualifier, the VMIX channel is on OR the studio PGM1 is directly routed (an option you can also have). When true, assign the GPIO to the required channel after 5 seconds. Action when not true will be to clear the assignment.

Purpose for the delay is to give the unroute an opportunity to occur first. So moving from studio 1 to studio 2 will.... unroute st1 GPIO logic followed by 5 seconds later to route st2 logic.

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