Element Feature Request: Additional Backfeed Info in

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Element Feature Request: Additional Backfeed Info in

Post by johnnyvince »

As someone who board ops at a pretty large facility, I do appreciate that since Axia v2, the source list screen displays the current owner of each device's backfeed (we no longer have to make our Master Control techs run through the building checking every studio and edit suite, to see who left the ISDN up on their board...hooray!).

Building on this, I'd like to see the Channel Options > Feed to Source (Mix-minus) screen also display the current backfeed to the channel in question. Currently, it simply says 'Backfeed Disabled'. The problem with this is that it doesn't point to a solution, and it might even lead an operator to conclude that it's an Admin problem, not something that can be solved quickly.

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Backfeed disabled is the correct response because it is stating/showing that the Element is not creating a backfeed for that source that has been loaded which is forced into "Listen Only mode". Once the Element has ownership of the source, the Backfeed will reflect what the Element is generating to the backfeed.

If there was a protocol for the exchange of this information, it could just was well lead to confusion that though the source is loaded in Listen Only mode... that stating Prgram 1 as the return feed may lead some to think that the backfeed if Prgram 1 from the same surface... the surface tells the operator what the console is doing... not really what other consoles are doing.

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