Replacing Element headphone Rotary Encoder Pot.

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Replacing Element headphone Rotary Encoder Pot.

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We have an Element master module where we need to replace the Headphone encoder. We have a spare encoder from the spares kit.

My question is this: how are we supposed to remove the existing encoder from the module? Do you need to remove the whole PCB, or is there some way to just get the encoder out by itself? What is the trick?

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The encoder knob has a flat top which is a pressure fitted lid. This can be removed with a sharp edge as you pry the lid upward and away from knob. Once the lid is removed, you should be able to look into the knob from the top. You would see a nut which can be loosened. Once the nut is removed, the encoder should easily come away from the module.

This is true for the larger encoders which have a ribbon cable from the encoder to the PCB. The smaller encoders are connected to a PCB and depending on the encoder, you may need to remove other encoders if they share the same PCB.

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