Element VGA display

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Element VGA display

Post by mpaton »


Wondering if there's a new element display in the works?

A feature I'd like to see on the main clock screen is ability to add a couple of alarm displays to the screen.

Stuff we could drive through gpio nodes like Transmitter Carrier Fail, Audio Fail, Security System Arming, someone at the front door etc.

I'd also like to see a revamp in the style of the new virtual mixer panel you revealed at NAB!


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Element display work was approached but hasn't gotten too far since there are so many projects in the kitchen. Sometime a project gets placed in a holding pattern as the market place fluctuates and the priorities change. We do have an interest in making some changes though. The first item is support for different aspect ratios. We will consider your suggestions but can not provide a time line at this moment.

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