Element Control Center temperature

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Element Control Center temperature

Post by jayen »

Recently I had a power supply fail for our Element. I've been watching our 3 elements since then, and they are running 48-52.5°C. They are all located in the studios, rack mounted, with middle atlantic rack fans installed.

Is there a way to easily activate or install fans in these boxes? The web gui displays fan speeds of 0. I assume they do not have fans or do not have them connected.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.


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Post by y not »

You are correct in that the Element GPIO Power Supply does not have any fans. This allows the unit to be used quietly in a studio enviroment.

I did notice that the Element user manual (pg. 135) shows the operating temperatures to be -10C to +40C. I assume these are optimal operating temperatures. Would it be possible for Axia to post the maximum operating temperatures as well so users can keep an eye on their equipment and determine if extra cooling is required.
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Axia recommends 40c operation. If you wish to place CPU fans inside the Element/PS, there are power headers for fans inside.

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