VMIX inputs on/off based on a GPIO trigger

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VMIX inputs on/off based on a GPIO trigger

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From the iQ manual, regarding VMIX function:
At the top is the V-Mix Master field. This gives the option to assign a Livewire GPIO channel for control of the VMixer. This channel number also gets assigned to a GPIO port, allowing you to have ON/OFF control of
VMix channels through GPIO.
So it appears that if I was to assign a Livewire channel number in the VMIX settings page, and then in the GPIO config page link this Livewire channel to a physical GPIO port on the engine. I would then be able to turn VMIX channels 'on' or 'off' via a GPI input?

In the manual is a table of pin outs for the various GPIO modes, but there isn't details listed for VMIX control. I'd guess that pins 11 through 15 turn on VMIX inputs 1 through 5?

Could you share some details on VMIX GPIO control.


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The GPIO port which is linked to the VMIX logic port (have the same number), will control the ON state of the 5 VMIX inputs.

GPI-1 when low will have the input 1 be in the one state. When in the high state, input 1 will be in the off state (latching controls).

When an input is ON, the GPO will be low. So in the above example, when GPI-1 is low, GPO-1 should also be low to indicate the VMIX in-1 is ON.

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