Firmware feature addition request

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Firmware feature addition request

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#1 Automatic Headphone switching, Need something that can make a logical decision that is something like if CR monitors are set to EXT-1 then switch headphones to Pgm-1 Whenever a mike is on. Note the sources and destinations need to be user programmable. But yes it does need to have a decision point determined by the monitor source. Reason Axia & Omnia are well aware the delays with digital audio & processing. We want the air staff to monitor the actual air feed, but they can't when live on mike.

#2 User programmable GPIO, Not quite the same as virtual GPIO. something along the lines of if Logic line xxx goes active switch pin X of GPIO X. (See my post in "on air light") That would also indicate that it would also be necessary to add semi flexible control code assigned by the source, not necessarily the show.
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