Axia QOR32 - update - dynamics section for MIC's

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Axia QOR32 - update - dynamics section for MIC's

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We are about to update all of ours QoR's to last version of software to get dynamics processing for MIC inputs. That way we can loose some of external processors....

But - before we do that I wonder - is there a way to see how the new dynamics section for mic inputs looks like? (What are the avaliable dynamics settings?)

I checked all documents regading IQ on Axia support site and have not seen any updated with this funcionality...

Thank you very much for help in advance.

Br, David

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Re: Axia QOR32 - update - dynamics section for MIC'

Post by philedmonds »

I daresay that the original poster has taken the plunge now - but if it is of interest to anyone as I don't think the manuals have been updated yet here's the options:


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