iQ6 Gateway ring In trigger GPO port on iQ console engine

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Ivor Greenaway
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iQ6 Gateway ring In trigger GPO port on iQ console engine

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How do I trigger a GPIO output on the iQ console engine with a Ring In on the iQ6 gateway phone line? I am trying to turn on a light when the iQ6 lines ring.
The version of my iQ console engine is (06 May 2011). Do I need a version update to resolve this, if not please give me the directions to get this done.

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I'm very interested in the solution to this issue as well...


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Axia Team
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A version update will be required.

In beta version - there is a new function in the GPIO section that allows one to "reverse the polarity" of the Livewire logic assignment. What this means is that you can assign a channel number to the iQ6 GPIO section (first port) and likewise assign the same number to one of the QOR gpio ports but selecting the "To Livewire" designation.

NOTE that the "To Livewire" designation is a temporary name for this function and the final release version will have different terminology.

the beta version is located here: ... 0.184.iqpk

I few more adjustments will be made before there is a release.

The release of 1.2.0.x is expected in June-July.

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