IQ and phone systems

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Joe B
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IQ and phone systems

Post by Joe B »

So I have a question about the IQ and phone systems.  We have a telos one talk-show system with 6 lines.  I am wondering if there is a way to get a split feed. 

What I am looking for is the standard mic feed (which is assigned to pgm4 and then pgm1 when the channel is on) in one channel (preferably the left) for host audio and program on hold on the right.  

Is this possible and how do I accomplish it?

Currently I am using the left only of 2 separate outputs one for the backfeed and one v mode of PGM1 making it mono. My hope is to clean this up and just use one out for the phone.


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If you are asking to assign an output port of the iQ to do two different sources (backfeed on left and PGM1 on right), this isn't possible.

In order to accomplish simple user interface configuration, functions of this nature are not possible.

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