Powerstation unstable anyone?

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Powerstation unstable anyone?

Post by macbrush »

We've had 2 incidents with our Powerstations recently, 2 weeks ago, one of them hanged completely, I mean to the point with absolutely no response from any controls, and audio was lost. We had to power cycle to get it going again which caused us over 10 mins of dead air.

Another incident was with another PS in our secondary site, it switched to secondary gigabit port at night, and the network module hanged completely the next day, namely, everything work except anything that's network related until we power cycle the whole PS.

Another issue we've run into was that we discovered that rebooting the PS through web interface did not reload the network module, only a hard power cycle resets the network module. Is that normal?

All of our PS are running on the same firmwares.

Version: PST-1.1.3c (27-Jan-2012)
Base: 1.0.0
Kernel: Linux i686
Firmware: PowerStation 1.1.3c (#1201271549 ) 27-Jan-2012
Ethernet: ver. 1.0.12b (build Thu Feb 02 13:11:38 EST 2012)

Any thoughts?

Thank you very much

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Power cycling the PS should not result in 10 min of down time. The power cycle is a reboot and the PS should be up and running within a minute and change. The switch portion may take a little longer due to port negotiations between the PS and your network switch fabric.

You mentioned another case with a redundant link . The PowerStation specification defined the option to create a loop of 4 PowerStations. In order to do this the engineers decided to use spanning-tree. Spanning-tree has its costs. You mentioned the port was hung, so I'm wodnering if some kind of flooding had occurred. In implementing redundant ports, be very careful of how devices are designed to work.

If you pressed the reboot button from the Engine page, this only reboots the DSP engine, not the IO nor the switch.

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