Mikrotik Livewire STL

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Mikrotik Livewire STL

Post by dbayliss »

I have just posted this on the Mikrotik forums, but perhaps there is someone here that can help too. All help appreciated.


I have some RB411-based Hana Wireless HW5-20's (5GHz band). I am setting up a point-to-point link for an Axia Livewire system in our radio station. In essence, this link shows what I am doing. http://www.axiaaudio.com/stl/

I have the links operating, basically, but need to tighten up the security, and need some advice please. Here are some details.

2x RB411 running RouterOS v2.9.4, configured in bridge mode with WDS dynamic and 5GHz-turbo.

Axia's Livewire is an Audio-over-IP system http://www.axiaaudio.com/manuals/files/ ... ire2.1.pdf. It basically requires the link to be transparent to the data, uncompressed. Axia reports that Mikrotik-based systems are OK for up to 6 channels of broadcast quality audio - I am only using 2, plus ancillary data to/from equipment at the transmitter site, so there should be enough bandwidth.

My question is, what security method should I use for minimum impact on performance? My thoughts and questions:

Hide SSIDs
Use WPA2, preshared keys
Use a VPN?
Use MAC filtering (Access list?)

I don't seem to have NV2 on my RouterOS version.

Any advice welcome. I only have a week before I go home (I am in Mongolia now) so quick replies would be appreciated.


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Re: Mikrotik Livewire STL

Post by george_nz »

Hi David

I'm curious about your post. Did you work out some answers to your questions? and how did the radios work for this application?


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