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Talkback / IFB

Post by Ralph »

The Talkback QuickStart and Guest Headphone feeds posts were helpful.

Just to make sure I got it...
The individual headphone feed can only be set in the Show Profile channel options, not the Source Profiles, right? This means it will not follow the source if assigned to another Element fader channel?

I have a stadium broadcast booth with it's own PowerStation & Element control surface. I'm setting up talkback headphone feeds for the talent.
The producer can speak privately to each talent by pressing the Talkback button on that sources fader. Pressing the Talk to Monitor 2 should feed talkback to all the talent simultaneously, right?

Finally, a little talkback trick.
The FM studio operator is bringing the stadium up through the board as a source for broadcast. The FM operator needs to send talkback cues to
the stadium talent. It's Ok if all the talent hears the cues.

In order to accomplish this, I was going to have the FM board Monitor 2 audio set to a pre-delay feed, for a processed, real-time monitor. I was going to make the FM board "Monitor 2 output" a source on the stadium headphone feeds. That way the stadium talent can hear the entire mix as it airs.

I want to use the FM Board "Talk to Monitor 2" talkback to provide the cues over the "pre-delay" audio so everyone can hear them. (FM producer cue-ing entire Stadium crew for breaks).

Is this the best way to accomplish this? I keep adjusting the FM "Talk 2 Monitor 2" Dim level but the talkback audio is too low compared to the pre-delay audio. I hate to adjust the pre-delay source gain because it's level is just right for distribution to all other monitors. The mic audio is just right for the phone and codec feeds as well as the main program 1 channel.

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