Just so you know why Cisco

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Just so you know why Cisco

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see the attached movie: Movie

Well, I was waiting for my cisco switches, but had to configure the network.
as the movie shows, don't try this at home ;)

btw, this is a hidden video, so only availible for axia forum users

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Managed switches

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I would say it is more about a managed switch than just having a Cisco switch. The managed switch will provide IGMP querier functionality. This will manage multicast groups as they come from each device. In the unmanaged switch environment, the switch doesn't know what to do with the address that is a multicast address. So, the switch does what it is suppose to do with unknown addresses, it broadcast the packet to all ports in anticipation that there will be a response from the destination. Since this isn't the way multicast works, there never is a response. Likewise, the quantity of packets delivered for this audio is large and continues, so all these packets are being sent out of every port. You could refer to it as a broadcast storm. When quantity of packets reaches the throughput of the port, then packets get lost or buffered by the switch. This can impact the network sync as well as the audio. For this reason, Axia recommends managed switches. There is a list of switches that have been tested and Axia provides documentation on how to configure these switches for a Livewire network.

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