Interop with PBX using SIP

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Interop with PBX using SIP

Post by BobPierce »

A radio station we consult for is going to be upgrading their studios. Currently they are looking at a solution from either Axia or Wheatstone. We will be using an Asterisk system for the PBX at the radio station with direct links to the PSTN by PRI. In the process of upgrading their studios, they are also looking at installing a new solution for on-air phones.

I would like to provide the on air studios a SIP connection to the Asterisk system using g.711 or g.722 codecs. However, I haven't spotted anything that seems to be designed for that just yet. Most of the broadcast phone systems I've looked at only talk about POTS or ISDN for the connection.

Do you know of any Broadcast Phone systems that can be connected to a SIP trunk instead of a POTS or ISDN connection? Or is there maybe some other way that an IP-Audio network could interface with a SIP based PBX?

I'm open to any suggestions. I'm sure more and more Office PBX's will be moving to SIP and it would be nice to be able to connect the PBX with the On-Air system to share some of the inbound lines. I know this could be done with POTS or ISDN adapters from the PBX, but I'd like to avoid the adapters if there was a way.

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Post by chrisweiss »

Agreed. It would be interesting to see a broadcast phone system directly compatible with VoIP designs. You could also consider a Telos 2101 system, and crossover with PRI circuits served off your Asterisk. We have a PRI commissioned between our Avaya Definity and 2101. This provides for advanced call routing features that can be difficult to manage otherwise via the 2101 or telco provider. Granted this would only reduce the number of interfaces required, not eliminate them.

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Post by contractguy »

When I talked with Steve CHurch at NAB last year he hinted he'd been thinking about something like this. I wonder if it's gone any farther?

By the way Bob, I hope you can steer your clients toward Axia. The headaches it will save you during and after install are worth it, and my clients love the way the boards work.

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Post by stevechurch »

Hi Bob -

What is the timing for this project?

Would you be up for beta testing something new?

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Post by Stephen Wilkinson »

Hi Bob

Broadcast Bionics have a software only version of PhoneBox designed to run on SIP PBX.
I know of a station running a Cisco SIP phone system with PhoneBox software only solution running on top of it.

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Post by rickywillson »

I want to know more about PBX system and can we make video call offline on PBX just like on intercom which we use in office to make call. Can you give names of few PBX systems which support video calls?

PBX system

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