Livewire SYNC with X-nodes

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Livewire SYNC with X-nodes

Post by pasdesignal »

What conditions could cause X-nodes (Analog) to take over the master sync role from a node which has been assigned "Primary Master".

I have an installation of a dozen x-nodes, with one assigned the Livewire Clock Master Priority "5 - Primary Master" and the rest left as "3 - default".

But sometimes another node will take the master role and the "Primary Master" node will suddenly be slaved to that node.

I can manually force the "Primary Master" back into the master role by powering off the rogue node, but this is obviously more of a work around...


James Hamilton
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Post by James Hamilton »

We had some problems originally, in a much smaller installation. The constant flip-flopping was impacting audio going across the network so we soon got a handle on it!

Could you set a second xNode to 4 - Secondary Master, and then perhaps the rest to 2 - Default? This would mean that a second xNode could take over if the primary fails, but 2 - Default would prevent the others from taking over as the master sync when you don't want them to. If you lost more than two you'd need to intervene but it would give you more control over what's going on.

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