Router Selectors switching nominal levels by itself

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Router Selectors switching nominal levels by itself

Post by sgardin0 »

Hi we are having an interesting time at the moment with our Router Selector Nodes. We were going through our system trying to line up our analog radio studio consoles and axia nodes.

Here is the setup:
Tone from Audio Oscillator set to 1kHz @ +4dBu fed into an 8x8
Source Gain set to -0.3 on the 8x8 Node Web interface
Gives us -20dbfs on the 8x8 Node Web interface, If I route this to one of the 8x8's outputs and measure it I get +4dBu (great)

On the receiving Router Selector Node
Have tone selected from the 8x8
Nominal Level in the system menu set to +4dBu
Destination Gain set to 0, gives me -20dbfs on the meters on the Router Selector Node Web interface gives me +4dBu at the nodes analog output (great, what I expected) Until I select a different source button on the front of the box and then come back to Tone. Now measuring +8dBu at the Output?

The Nominal Level still says +4dBu in the System Menu on the box
I go to that menu item and reselect +4dBu and the level drops back to +4dBu at the output. As soon as I select another button it jumps back to +8dBu.

This also occurs when I use the web interface to adjust the Destination Gain on the Router Selectors. I click on the arrows to change gain and immediately I am seeing +8dBu again on the output.

This is only happening with the Router Selector Nodes, the 8x8 doesn't do this.

Any Ideas?

kind regards

Steve Gardiner

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Post by AXIA_milos »

What version of Router selector node software are you using?

You may consider trying 2.5.8a. Contact support and request the version.

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Thank You

Post by sgardin0 »

Cheers for the reply, got in touch with support who also recommended the update of firm ware and the problem is solved. :) thanks again


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