Recording- to Protools

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Recording- to Protools

Post by Spindoctor437 »

I am considering upgrading a small TV/ radio studio with a couple of Axia Radius mixers.
I think they will be perfect for my audio suites.
One application I need to address is being able to assign up to 6-8 mics to individual Protools inputs for multi-track recording.
(We occasionally film live acoustic performances and multi-track the audio for post production).
At first glance I thought the Radius may not be suitable as it only had 4 Program busses.
However if I was to add an audio node, can I assign individual Mic inputs to different Protool input destinations?
ie Mic 1 would be asigned to Protools input 1, Mic 2 to Protools input 2 etc

Is this correct and is there anything else I need to consider?
I would be interested to hear from anyone using Axia in a similar setup.
Thank you

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Post by willem »

since your livewire network is actually acting as a router, you can use that setup indeed.
do consider that you can only route one source to each output. (1 mic or PGM bus in your case)

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Post by Andrew_KOOP »

You might want to talk with Axia tech support about your particular setup and what kind of ip audio driver you might need to speak with Protools and how many channels you can support.

If this is a new setup I am sure they can steer you in the right direction:

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