More Than 1 Panel from PFmini

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More Than 1 Panel from PFmini

Post by XR6 »

Is it possible to open more than one panel using Pathfinder Mini?

If so, how?

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Post by pasdesignal »

You can have multiple instances of PF Mini running on the same host.... each with their own config file pointing to the panels you require.

We do this and have about 6 panels open on one machine with a touch screen for a very nice control interface.

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Post by DanBays »

After installing PFMini, just make a copy of the PathfinderMini folder to the root of your CDrive. Make one copy of the folder for each additional panel you want to have simultaneously running. Then modify the config file in each folder to launch the correct panel. You can create shortcuts on the desktop to the binary in each of the folders and name them so that it is clear which panel they represent.

That's all there is to it.
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