Axia pathfinder for multi station facility

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Axia pathfinder for multi station facility

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If a radio station has more than one station in the same building and would like to switch between studios would there need to be pathfinder for every studio or would one for the entire facility be efficient?
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One server for the entire facility is all that you need.
There are two versions of Pathfinder, there is the PRO version and PC version. The PC is for budget minded customer, but know that it has a limitation on amount of devices it will connect to. Some customers have found this limitation eventually catches up to them. No worries, you can upgrade from PC to PRO, there is an option for that. If you want to go direct to the PRO version, you can get the full package and a second license which is to be used for a second Pathfinder server. The 2nd server is a clustered server, so the facility has a *hot standby* in the cases where the primary server goes down (MS update, cleaning maid, engineer error). The setup and what happens with the clustered servers is fully detailed in the Pathfinder manual, which can be found [here].

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