Using Pathfinder to control multiple sites

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Using Pathfinder to control multiple sites

Post by MattT »


we are looking at an Axia solution at the moment for our Radio networks. I have questions regarding control of multiple sites. We plan on having a main site with clustered pathfinder servers and other remote sites with their own livewire networks and pathfinders.

-How is it possible to add the remote livewire sites as a router on our local pathfinder server? (eg. appearing as one large integrated livewire network with the ability to create stacked events including the remote sources/destinations) We are looking at iPorts if this makes the solution easier (using private WAN)
-I see that on the pathfinder server setup there is an option for adding a pathfinder remote router which is a currently unavailable feature - when will this be available and what advantages will it have?
-is it possible to create a scene which includes marrying several different stacked events together?

thanks in advance!

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Hello MattT

Pathfinder uses TCP to communicate to devices, so if the network allowed for these connections, then Pathfinder should be able to connect and issue commands to devices. iPort has control messaging that can be allowed through the WAN port. In your case, it sound like you wish to also control routes of Livewire devices. In this case you would either need to establish the TCP connections or use SA-Protocol between sites (between Pathfinder machines).

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