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Panel Designer

Post by brett »

How hard would it be to add a drop down list to panel designer.

What I am trying to accomplish is a X controller, the panel would have a predefined output, but would allow you to change the source though a list built into the panel design. we had this option available for SAS.

In my production room we use simple consoles, I would like to be able to change sources of a certain pot with a drop down and take button that could be built in panel designer.

I am trying to stay away from X,Y controllers in each of these studios for simplicity.

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Post by DanBays »

Sory about the late response on this. We have had a couple of requests for this so it is on our feature request list. I am not quite sure when we will get to it yet though. It is a very useful idea.
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Post by pasdesignal »

Having used the SAS "multipanel" version of Pathfinder Mini panels, I too would like to second this feature request.
Buttons can take up a lot of screen real estate, and a simple drop down menu would be so handy as a part of Panel Designer.

Any progress on this since the last request?

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Post by AXIA_milos »

@pasdesignal - There have been some projects that have consumed developer time such that no progress has been made on this particular feature. Sorry about that.

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Post by jayen »


Has there been any advances for the drop down menu feature in the mini panels? it would be very convenient for our production staff.


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