Node destination type change

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Node destination type change

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Greetings --

Is there a way to cause a change of the destination type in a node, from a stacking event in PF? For instance, to change a destination from "To source" to "Surround"?

I'd like to program a button to allow an operator to change the listening mode of the control room monitors, along with a route change, so they can listen to either the stereo or 5.1 version of the mix. Currently, this needs to be manually set in the node's configuration page.

I know it's possible to change the destination type remotely, as I've been able to do it via telnet and the NCHN:8 command, and have semi-automated it with a telnet script, but have not found a way to make it happen from PF; it still requires a PC with the scripts and telnet loaded.

Thanks ~

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