Axia Console Channel Change

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Axia Console Channel Change

Post by David »

I see Pathfinder is capable of see a channel change on an Element console. Is there any plans for pathfinder to see a channel change from an IQ console? It would be nice for routing if Pathfinder could determine if the channel is on PGM 1, 2, or 3 as a qualifier. Then an appropriate route could be made based on that qualifier and the channel on/off condition. It would allow for multiple uses for the same channel of which each could have its own route determined by the channel bus setting.

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Post by AXIA_milos »

Some level of functions will be available between Pathfinder and iQ in the future. At this time developers are working on other projects that do not allow them to work on this particular set of functionality. We will take your suggestions into consideration and determine if this is something we can offer or not when the available development resources are available.

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