How to: Silence detected route change

What can you do with Pathfinder?

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Richard Fulton
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How to: Silence detected route change

Post by Richard Fulton »

There are many ways of doing this but I will share what we have found as the easiest.

What we need is to detect silence to the processor. This MUST be for both studios. We change between studios by clicking a button, then studio 2 goes live to the Processor.

So in Axia Element we have setup a VMIX with 1 input to the VMIX. This is PGM1 from Onair 1.

Then in Pathfinder we set up Pathfinder Mini with a switch to switch PGM1 from Onair 1 to PGM1 from Onair 2. This is done to the input of the VMIX.

Then in Pathfinder we go to Stacked Events. We setup the Qualifier as Audio Level State Silence Detect for 15 seconds. The source is the VMIX. Then it does not care what source is coming into the VMIX, all it cares about is if there is silence.

Then we get it to switch, turn on CD players, send email etc. And the opposite if the audio is restored.

Hope this helps anyone out.....


Post by clarknovak »

Great tip, Richard; thanks for sharing it. I've made it a sticky so others can find it easily!

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