PathFinder on Win7, Vista, and Mac OSX?

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PathFinder on Win7, Vista, and Mac OSX?

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The question came into support about running PathFinder on Win7, Vista, and Mac OSX - does it work on these OS'es?

Win7 & Vista - Yes, these are approved operating systems with the latest version of PF. There is however one trick that must be done for it to operate correctly.
After running the MSI installer, you have to go into the program's folder in Program Files (Program Files x86 for 64 bit), right click on the executable and select properties. Then select compatibility and check on the Run as Administrator checkbox. This will get you rockin'.

MacOSX - Currently there is not a version that will run on this OS but according to the PF Development Team, they do a lot of development for the Pathfinder project on a MacBook Pro in windows either through BootCamp or Parallels or VirtualBox. So running it in a virtualized windows environment should be fine as long as the network access from the virtualized machine is set up properly. And they do have clients running PathfinderServer on virtualized boxes as well. And we do some of our clustering tests with virtualized OSes so that should work as well.

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