ATOM Processors?

What can you do with Pathfinder?

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ATOM Processors?

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A question came up about the recent ATOM processors from Intel being used for Pathfinder. There is plenty of information on the web about this processor and I would like to state that is depends on which *series* of the Atom processor and what you plan to do with Pathfinder. The Atom is known best for its lower power consumption and perhaps this is at a cost to performance.

It really ends up with the planned usage of Pathfinder. Pathfinder is not required to build an Element studio. Pathfinder is a bag of tools that allows the customer to do other things that are not built in to the Element surface, to accomplish automated tasks, or creative solutions that customers have come up with.

In some cases customers use Pathfinder to manage a handful of tasks in a day. In such environments, the load is rather low and an Atom is likely up for the task. In other cases, customers that have highly complex logic conditions and actions that are occurring every quarter hour would make the Atom a poor choice.

The more important question is what the customer wishes to accomplish with Pathfinder. Based on that information, it will be realized what sort of power the customer will desire behind the Pathfinder application.

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