iProfiler time not changing with Daylight Saving

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iProfiler time not changing with Daylight Saving

Post by Stephen Wilkinson »

When the PC that's running iProfiler changes its time for Daylight Saving, iProfiler ignores it. The work around is to change the time zone/country of the PC.
Running latest version.

Does anyone have an answer to fix this?

Stephen Wilkinson

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Post by Andrew_KOOP »

I would need to check but I don't think we've seen this.

Our setup is:
Windows Server 2003R2 (patched with new US DST dates)
NTP service enabled (pool.ntp.org). I should note this server is also a NTP server itself for our internal equipment.
US Central Time zone
iProfiler 2.5.9f

Our practice is that we archive each show individually (70+!). But we also have a day-long archive that runs as a backup if an individual show archive fails for some reason.

I hope this helps

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