Sound output on iProfiler Client

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Sound output on iProfiler Client

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We're really enjoying iProfiler. In fact, we're coming up with all kinds of uses for it.

One of the things that we'd like to use it for is a quick little scratch pad to record quickly off the board to do little phone bits and whatever off-the-air. It's a lot cleaner to trigger iProfiler than to fumble with software on the studio's PC.

We found that the Client will not let you select the sound output to use - it just uses the Windows default output. We had kind of hoped to send the audio output of the Client back down through a different Axia ip channel.

For our application, this isn't a big thing. But I thought I would mention it before I forgot - it might be a feature to consider in the future.

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Is setting your Windows Default Sound playout to "Axia Wave0x" not an option for you? Is this because you are using the PC for other sound functions at the same time? If the default Windows Sound out is set to Axia Driver, the audio from the client can be delivered back.

I will report your request to the developer for a sound card selection.

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