Trigger skimming from 2 studios?

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Andy Linton
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Trigger skimming from 2 studios?

Post by Andy Linton »

There are two studios, either of which could be used to air.

How can I trigger iProFiler to start skimming when the studio that is on air goes live?

I do have GPO events that show which studio is live and when the mic is live.


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Axia Team
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Post by AXIA_milos »

Use pathfinder to change the route into iProfiler based on the same GPO that identifies which studio is "ON AIR".

Then you also need two different logic triggers, but only one which will trigger based on the studio that is "ON AIR". If you already have this logic in place, then both triggers could be configured to trigger iProfiler (you can have up to 8 triggers per Archive. If not, you will have to create the logic with Pathfinder and if you are doing that, then you can have a single trigger based on the correct conditions. Studio 1 is Active and Studio 1 Mic is ON = Trigger.

Have a stack event in Pathfinder that will trigger a GPI/O based on who is active and if a mic is on. I see this as two stacks. Stack-1 is Studio1 Active AND Studio1 CR mon mute. Stack-2 is Studio2 Active AND Studio2 CR mon mute. Both stacks have the same Action, trigger a GPO or GPI (IP driver only). This GPO (or GPI) is the Skim trigger configured in iProfiler.


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