Remote controling iProfiler

Questions about administering the Axia iProFiler automated logging system

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Remote controling iProfiler

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An interesting question was brought up by a customer where they had a need to skim with iProfiler when voice tracks were played from a playout device. Sure the playout device has the audio, but a record of when that audio was played and what was stated?

So the questions and discussion that followed led to this little diddy of a cool app... where if needed, is pretty cool.

With your playout device, you need to be able to connect and send data through TCP. The first step is to establish a connection to the IP address of the iProfilers NIC where the IP drivers is used. For example, I have iProfiler running on a PC with the NIC set to From another PC on the same network, I establish a telnet session to the iProfiler IP (, port 93.

>telnet 93

once established, type


now if you have configured an archive to skim via the IP driver and have it triggered on GPI1 - pin1 (for example), the following command would trigger the skimmer


and the following command would stop the skimmer


If you do not know much about how to configure skimming with iProfiler, check the iProfiler manual. If you need assistance with setting up "virtual GPIO" with iProfiler, there is a document on this here ... O_ver2.pdf

Contact support or ask questions here is you need more assistance.

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Post by davidbeck »

Hello Milos

this is very cool. I wrote some logic in PathFinder to record podcasts but your way is much more simple.

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