Axia Driver beta for OS X available

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Axia Driver beta for OS X available

Post by clarknovak »

Hey Mac fans, good news. We have been developing a version of the Axia IP-Audio Driver for OS-X. Here's the skinny:
  • The driver is for Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
  • Your Mac must have an Intel CPU.
  • The driver in its current configuration provides 8 audio input and 8 output devices.
  • Installation is via the standard Mac installer.
  • After installation, start the "Axia IP-Audio" configuration window by running Applications -> axiaIpAudio.
  • The driver configuration UI is based and looks almost the same as the Windows driver version; if you are already familiar with the Windows version you will know how to use the Mac version.
If you are interested in trying this OS X beta Driver, please PM me and I'll hook you up. Please include the following with your request:
  • First and Last Name
  • Position
  • Company you work for
  • Location
  • Brief hardware summary of the computer you plan to install the Driver on

P.S.: Please be aware that this is beta software and may not be quite ready for prime-time; we're looking for your feedback. By installing the software, you signify that you understand that Axia cannot be held responsible for any losses that might be incurred due to the use of beta software in mission-critical applications.

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Post by marcosorourke »

When does this come out of beta? We love it! The only problem we've had was that we use Logic for our production systems, and it doesn't want to see the audio from Livewire.