Obtaining IP Audio Driver..

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Obtaining IP Audio Driver..

Post by xmusicmatt »

Just curious how the IP Audio driver is obtained to be used with an Automation system? I am looking at a Radius Console soon for my station and would love to possibly be able to go livewire for the automation into the QOR instead of using StudioHub.

Looking at BGS's website (BGS appears to be the seller of AXIA product here in the United States) they say "multi channel audio driver is not avail for purchase retail" .... So I am confused how do one get a MultiChannel audio driver..

I use Simian and right now it's running off a Windows on board sound card with the present setup for my station however Simian I know will be happier if it had multi channel outputs (I think Simian recommends 4 outputs 3 for main decks and 1 for AUX and Audition).

Thanks for any feedback as I consider going with AXIA for my station.

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Post by Christopher »

You can obtain it from your market's distro partner -- in the UK we source from Broadcast Bionics and they supply the driver to us directly. (It's just sat on an FTP server, but there are apparently various flavours of the driver depending on what hardware you partner it with).

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