Windows 2003 32bit Error on about Driver not Loaded

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Windows 2003 32bit Error on about Driver not Loaded

Post by bob »

Hi guys...

I have an issue on windows 2003. We load the driver and after restarting, we get an error message about a driver or service not loaded. The system logs don't indicate what driver or service does not load. We also loaded the driver on a xp machine, and the machine now takes almost 5 minutes to load the desktop. Remove the driver from both machines and the error goes away.

Please advise whether this error is related to service packs that is out of date or whether there is an issue with version

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Post by AXIA_milos »

An error is expected on boot as services start and depend on other services that haven't started yet.

As for delayed response in XP boot. This is the first I have heard of such a situation due to IP driver install.

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