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BackFeed for Driver

Post by mhabegger »

Is there any way to get the backfeed for the driver as input ? There is no selection as it is possible on node outputs.

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Post by AXIA_milos »

Yes there is and I was planning on posting something in this regard in a few days in relation to a partner product.. but I will still post when ready... as for your question.

The method that comes to mind is a backdoor of methods since the driver was designed with playout systems in mind... so it doesn't currently have an interface on the control panel window to assign a backfeed. In order to do this, you need to understand a little bit about how the *Livewire Channel number* relates to the actual multicast address... this was covered in another post on a different subject

Once you understand the math behind that, then you can connect to the IP driver through a TCP connection. Do so from the PC by going to the command prompt and type..
telnet 93[enter]
DST 1 ADDR:""[enter]

where xxx.yyy is the *Livewire Channel Number*

For example, the backfeed to channel 501 would be multicast group

Another option is to enter the backfeed into vmix fader input or vmode and create new Livewire channel source for this audio. This would be viewable from the browse feature of the IP driver.

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