Axia and Simian 2.0.7

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Axia and Simian 2.0.7

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It's my understanding that Simian is compatible with Axia Livewire. It would appear that you still need Axia IP-Audio drivers to allow destinations into, and sources out of Simian. Am I correct, or are other audio IP drivers compatible on Livewire? Has anyone had experience with the use of Simian in conjunction with Axia?

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Simian is a playout system. The playout system would use a sound card to play audio with. The IP driver is software that can be installed on a Windows PC. This software inserts itself as a sound device to the operating system. Simian, as a playout application would use this *sound device* to play its audio files. The other end of the IP driver interfaces with a local network device and creates data streams that are known as Livewire. Also, Livewire data can be requested from a network and this can be inputs into a recording application on the PC. For more information on Livewire, refer to the Liverwire primer document in the support section: ... ire2.1.pdf

So to answer your question, you would need to install the IP driver into the same PC so that Simian can play audio into an Axia Network. For more information on this, it is best to ask BSI. They should be most familiar with the details on interfacing Simian with an install of the IP driver.

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