Packet Loss Windows IP-Driver V.

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Packet Loss Windows IP-Driver V.

Post by markus »

Hi all.

I have a little problem with an axia ip-drvier 16 Channel for Windows. I'm running windows xp (service pack 3) with driver version on a dell precision R5400 Intel Xeon E5405 2GHz with 3,25 GB Ram. The network card is a Braodcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit controller.

The cpu-load is around 6% and the used memory around 280 MB.

On the driver i have 5 input-channes in use no output. i use this pc only for recording.

All run fine for a year, than without any change in software or hardware configuration i experince packet losses. if i open the statistics window in the axia driver configuration i have some RxUr and RxSeqErr.

I noticed that the packet loss goes up when i move a window or open the settings in windows xp. the strange thing is that doing this the cpu-load goes up only to 1% more.

does anybody know what that problem could be?

the bad thing is that i hear the packet loss on the registred audio.


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Post by AXIA_milos »

and I bet the 5 streams you are recording are Live Stereo streams. Live Stereo is a low latency audio stream and in order to do this requires a lot of small packets. PC don't do too well with Live stereo. Look at converting the streams to Standard stereo through vmode or vmix.

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