IProfiler-IPDriver and channels question

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Stavros Boulitsakis
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IProfiler-IPDriver and channels question

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I know this may sound weird but...I am logging using Iprofiler and Ipdriver 4 stations and would like to log also their OFF-AIR.
Of course this would mean 8 recording streams which sounds a lot....and takes space.
So given the fact that recording is mainly for monitoring issues how would someone log into the left channel PGM and in the RIGHT channel OFF-AIR?


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Axia Team
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Post by AXIA_milos »

If you have an Engine for each studio, then I would log into each one and go to VMIX/VMODE. Scroll down to the bottom where you will find the vmode functions. The first vmode I would set to PGM1 in the drop down menu, Audio mode I would set to Split L -3, provide an unused Channel number and select Standard Stereo. 2nd-vmode: set to External for input selector, provide the channel number of OFF-AIR source, Split R -3, unused channel number and standard stereo.
3rd VMODE set to External, under channel, enter in the Channel number you provided to VMODE-1, select Combine L,R, provide unused channel number, standard stereo.
4th VMODE, set to External, provide channel number of VMODE-2.
[Apply VMODE Settings] button

Select the VMODE-3 source to record into iProfiler.

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