Genesys Automation Systems

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Richard Fulton
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Genesys Automation Systems

Post by Richard Fulton »

Has anyone got the remotes to work with Genesys Automation and the IP drivers. We are doing an install for a customer and are trying not to have to wire the RS-232 remotes to-from the PC to the Element GPIO.

I know that we have got it to work great with Audiovault. Its quite funny to see the faders on the Element turn on and off in automation mode. Gone are the days where we used to leave all the faders on for automation.


Post by clarknovak »

Richard, we're always interested in new partners. If you'd like to have the folks at Genesys contact us, we'd be glad to talk with them.

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Post by simeonj »

Hi Richard,

Assuming there is only one Genesys automation system, its blue with oval decks, then work is in progress to make this happen and its now nearly complete. You should be able to get more info from your Genesys dealer.


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