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I've tried following the instructions in the document on the website, but this only seems to take care of the NexGen half of the equation. Does any one have audio servers set up with the multi-channel IP audio driver, and individual channel on/off control via the IP GPIO? Tips?


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I know Chris and I have already spoken, but for others, you can assist yourself in troubleshooting by using NexGenViewer application and observe Opto activity (and perhaps Relay activity) to see if NexGen is doing anything or receiving anything. Also, you can telnet to the IP driver, port 93 and observe GPIO activity.
(from local machine)
telnet 93

you should be able to see if a "bit" has gone Low or High.
The 'L' indicates just gone Low
while an 'l' indicate it is in low state
same for high,
'H' equates to just gone High
'h' equates to being in high state.

Also, make sure your switch or switch fabric is configured to our specifications (available in PDF on the website).

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