Windows WDM / IP-Driver Multichannel

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Windows WDM / IP-Driver Multichannel

Post by markus »

Hi there.

I have a problem with an AXIA IP-Driver 16 Channel. On one installation in the windows systemsettings/audio i see only 1 channel. i tried to reinstall it a few times, first removing the old installation with the setup and than, since that didn't work, I removed all the keys manually from the windows-registry. Now the problem persists ...

Does anybody know how to fix this?


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Post by clarknovak »

Hi Markus,

The multiple-stream version of the IP-Audio Driver is sold only through our Delivery System Partners - Axia doesn't sell this directly to clients. (That's because the multi-stream driver is meant for use with delivery systems, and may contain custom GPIO functions that only the system vendor can support.)

I would suggest you contact the delivery system vendor you obtained the Driver from and explain the problem - they should be able to help.


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when installing

Post by AXIA_milos »

when you re-enter the lic# you need to match exactly! That would include CAPS.

what is your delivery system?

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