Fiber Length and Axia Network Connections Q&A

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Fiber Length and Axia Network Connections Q&A

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One of our clients recently asked:

We've got a client that wants to build an Axia network on fiber using the following:
  • Axia AES/EBU Digital Audio Node in the studio
    *Catalyst 2960-8TC-S ethernet switch with Cisco SFP Gigabit Interface *Converter (GLC-LH-SM) for the studio and transmitter side
    *Omnia one on the transmitter side
Now the fiber will be about 3000 meters, dedicated for our use.

Is this possible or is it out of range and do we need to use something like the iPort?

Axia Guru Marc Johnson replies:

In short, it depends on what fiber you use and if it is a direct connection from point A to B. I would consult a fiber specialist for complete details but for the most part, a 850nm piece of multimode fiber will cover a transmission distance of 3k meters. There are also some types of fiber that can transmit up to 60k meters (1550nm). If this is a dedicated piece, then you should be able to extend a piece of Livewire gear to the remote site without any issues. If this is open to other traffic or a leased/shared line that you can not control, then I would most definitely look into a compressed transmission solution such as an iPort or Z/IP.