SurCode Decoder for DTS-HD Now Enables QuickTime Playback of Video with DTS Audio

Minnetonka Audio Software updates QuickTime plug-in for embedded multichannel sound

MINNETONKA, MN -- Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc., a leader in production software for consumer electronics, motion picture and broadcast surround sound applications, today announced the release of a new version of their SurCode Decoder for DTS-HD for QuickTime software product. The product is compatible with Mac OS 10.6 “Snow Leopard” and QuickTime X with a future update for Windows 7 coming in Q2.

SurCode Decoder for DTS-HD for QuickTime is a plug-in for Apple Inc’s cross-platform QuickTime media framework. SurCode Decoder for DTS-HD for QuickTime enables real-time decoding and playback of all DTS digital audio stream types, from lossless 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio to low bit-rate DTS Express.  Simply open a file in QuickTime and start playback - the SurCode Decoder for DTS-HD takes care of the rest.

“With this release, creative professionals have a much richer palette of audio choices to paint with, while prosumers can now enjoy a desktop surround experience,” said John Schur, President of Minnetonka Audio Software. “Version 1.2 of SurCode Decoder for DTS-HD for QuickTime delivers streaming and decoding on-line content in full fidelity, lossless surround sound. For QC, client approvals, and digital delivery to the home, Minnetonka Audio has you covered at a price anyone can afford.”

Version 1.2 of SurCode Decoder for DTS-HD for QuickTime is a free upgrade for existing users, and is available online from DTS at dtshdforcompressor dot com for US$29. SurCode Decoder for DTS-HD for QuickTime is also available as part of a bundle with SurCode DTS-HD Encoder for Compressor for US$249. For in-depth information on the product, visit dtshdforcompressor dot com on the web or call Minnetonka Audio at 1-952-449-6481.

About Minnetonka Audio Software
Minnetonka Audio Software, an award winning solutions provider for video, broadcast, game, and CD/DVD production, creates essential technology for top media professionals around the world. Their SurCode, discWelder and AudioTools AWE product lines broadly support Dolby, DTS and the DVD-Audio standard. Spanning over two decades of operation and based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc. has offices in Texas and a subsidiary in Germany in addition to an international network of distributors and channel partners who share our commitment to quality and service.
DTS, Inc. (NASDAQ:DTSI) is a digital technology company dedicated to delivering the ultimate entertainment experience. DTS decoders are in virtually every major brand of multi-channel surround processor, and there are hundreds of millions of DTS-licensed consumer electronics products available worldwide. A pioneer in multi-channel audio, DTS technology is in home theatre, car audio, PC and game console products, as well as DVD-Video, Blu-ray Disc and surround music software. Founded in 1993, DTS' corporate headquarters are located in Calabasas, California with its licensing operations headquartered in Limerick, Ireland. DTS also has offices in Northern California, Washington, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. For further information, please visit DTS and the DTS Symbol are registered trademarks of DTS, Inc, and NEURAL UPMIX and DTS-HD MASTER AUDIO SUITE are trademarks of DTS, Inc.  All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.   (c) 2010 DTS, Inc. All rights reserved.
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