SurCode for Dolby® Digital plug-in for AudioTools AWE

AT Dolby Digital

The first encoder in a suite of new products that will set you free

SurCode for Dolby® Digital plug-in for AudioTools AWE is the fully licensed and certified professional encoder that integrates seamlessly into the AudioTools AWE platform and process chain. It creates fully compliant AC-3 files for playback in any Dolby Digital-capable hardware or software decoder.

The AWE framework allows you to easily save and recall encoding settings for re-use. All Dolby Digital encoding options are supported.

Features include:AWESMALLBADGE

• Creates a certified, professional Dolby Digital AC-3 file

• Supports all Audio coding modes, from 1/0 to 3/2

• AC-3 Timecode striping

• Auto Coding Mode setting

• Auto Sample Rate encode setting

• Dolby Surround Encoded Mode Flag support

• Dolby EX Encoded Flag support

• Encode thousands of files unattended

• Hot Folder” automates the encoding process

• Audio Processing and Dolby Digital encoding in one operation

Batch Processor