Minnetonka Audio Software Products at the 2015 NAB Show

NEW Loudness Control Options for Telestream Vantage

The Minnetonka Audio Software AudioTools Connector integrates within the Telestream Vantage file-based framework to support fundamental loudness control workflows and custom, predefined workflows for broadcasters. The AudioTools Connector allows Vantage to drive audio processing workflows and jobs directly from the Vantage workflow designer.

New for Telestream Vantage are AudioTools FOCUS and AudioTools FOCUS Server for Loudness Control. AudioTools FOCUS supports PCM, MXF, and QuickTime containers up to 8 channels. AudioTools FOCUS supports one concurrent job through WatchFolders, and does not require the Vantage Connector to operate. For more advanced loudness management solutions, AudioTools FOCUS Server expands the supported track count to 16 and with up to 4 concurrent jobs, integrated via WatchFolders, or through the AudioTools Connector for Telestream Vantage.  

“For Telestream Customers that require world class, integrated loudness control, but do not need the full capabilities of an AudioTools Server, FOCUS and FOCUS Server afford broadcasters a solid solution, scaled to their requirements and budgets,” says Markus Hintz, VP of Sales & Global Business Development.  “We are excited to offer three unique ways of adding our audio expertise to any Vantage equipped facility.”

AudioTools FOCUS and FOCUS Server are $2,495 USD and $4,995 respectively. AudioTools Connector for Vantage is sold by Telestream. AudioTools Server software is sold by Minnetonka Audio or an authorized AudioTools Server reseller or integrator.

NEW AudioTools Server 4.0 adds Flexible License Handling, Profiles, and Modules

Minnetonka Audio will show the latest version of its flagship product, AudioTools Server (ATS) 4.0. ATS 4.0 adds enhanced license handling, instance counting, new modules and processing profiles.
AudioTools Server v4.0 now provides enhanced license scalability for facilities that need the full power of the AudioTools platform, but do not have demanding throughput requirements. AudioTools Server now offers an affordable entry level configuration, scaled to meet any enterprise requirement and budget.  

Version 4.0 also adds more flexible license options. The AudioTools LicenseServer provides floating licenses that can be deployed across multiple AudioTools Server systems, or in the cloud. Each AudioTools Server machine, whether local, virtual, or in the cloud, can use the AudioTools LicenseConnector to connect to the LicenseServer, allowing the sum total of available licenses on all machines to float as workflows require.

Two new profiles are making their debut at NAB for AudioTools Server. First is an updated Movie Adaptation Automation profile that provides individual adjustment settings to preserve the original or target dynamic range, while enhancing dialogue intelligibility.  An all new file-based loudness leveling profile for News program management has been added as well. 

AudioTools CLOUD

Also on display at NAB is AudioTools Cloud™.  AudioTools Cloud is an advanced audio processing solution for audio, video, and broadcast professionals that provides loudness control, encoding, decoding, channel management, frame rate conversion, quality control, and container management from an easy-to-use user interface designed for the Amazon AWS Marketplace. AudioTools Cloud is based on Minnetonka’s AudioTools™ Server – a platform that delivers interoperable, scalable, file-based audio automation. AudioTools Server has become the number one enterprise level platform for automated and unattended file-based audio processing and has helped broadcasters add Loudness Management processes to their existing video-centric, file-based environments.
From the occasional job, to expanding throughput for higher volume workloads, AudioTools Cloud brings proven processing to the cloud, allowing on-demand, case-by-case use (OPEX) vs larger CAPEX sized projects. Businesses only pay for the infrastructure they need, when they need it. AudioTools CLOUD is available in three ways – ON DEMAND, BYOL (Bring your own License), and CLOUD NODE.  For more information on these options, visit Minnetonka Audio Software in booth SU10410.

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