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Minnetonka Audio Releases Movie Adaptation Solutions Module for HDR Loudness Management

MINNETONKA, MN — Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc. (MASI), a leader in production software for motion picture, broadcast surround sound and consumer electronics applications, announced today the availability of the new Movie Adaptation Solutions Module for AudioTools Server. The Movie Adaptation Solutions Module provides loudness management for multi-platform delivery of High Dynamic Range (HDR) content.
AudioTools Server (ATS) is Minnetonka Audio’s flagship product, designed to automate the most sophisticated audio tasks. ATS offers a variety of digital signal processing, including up/downmix, program management and transcoding plus standards compliant, multi-target loudness control and quality control for LPCM and Dolby E. ATS also includes enterprise features such as load balancing, workflow failover, and support for multiple codecs, containers and transport streams.

While the standard AudioTools Loudness Normalization processes are designed to preserve existing audio and only apply a gain change combined with optional peak limiting, there are other use cases that require changing more complex parameters of the audio content. The Movie Adaptation Solutions Module for AudioTools Server takes, as input, audio essence from motion picture soundtracks and other HDR sources, and adapts the content for the stringent and particular demands of modern delivery platforms, including OTT, mobile and broadcast. The Movie Adaptation Module preserves transients and soundstage while maintaining dialog intelligibility and artistic intent of the original. Unlike other processes designed to address this need, the Movie Adaptation Solutions Module avoids a subjectively compressed character to the sound. Equally important for content distributors, the Movie Adaptation Solutions Module provides an automated process for all program genres and all target requirements, including optional ITU-R BS.1770-3 compliance.
Markus Hintz, Minnetonka Audio's Director of Global Sales, emphasized that the new Solutions Module is an automated answer to a resource intensive process. “The Movie Adaptation Solutions Module for AudioTools Server offers sophisticated automated detection and processing for various audio mix types, saving hours of operator time by using a complex, adaptive decision matrix,” Hintz said. He also mentioned the advantage of a file-based approach. Hintz stressed that “…with the ability to do a full look-ahead and to apply intelligent, informed processing if necessary, it can deliver a dynamically compliant version for any platform that still retains the excitement of the original mix.”

The Movie Adaptation Solutions Module is available now from AudioTools Certified Partners worldwide or direct from Minnetonka Audio Software. More information about AudioTools Server and other Minnetonka Audio products is available at

About Minnetonka Audio Software

An award-winning solutions provider for motion picture, video, broadcast, game, and optical disc production, Minnetonka Audio Software creates essential technology for the world's top media professionals. Its revolutionary AudioTools Server is the file-based software alternative to hardware program optimizers, bringing expert audio automation to existing media production infrastructures. The AudioTools, SurCode, and discWelder product lines support the full array of audio codecs, file types, and standards for mobile, optical disc, OTT and broadcast. The company is the leading provider of professional OEM audio solutions as well as file-based QC and loudness control. Spanning more than two decades of operation, the Minnetonka, Minnesota-based company has a subsidiary in Germany and an international network of distributors and channel partners who share its commitment to quality and service. More information is available at


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