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ATS Success Heard Round The World

Company experiences record breaking sales of loudness control solutions

MINNETONKA, MN - Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc., a leader in production software for motion picture, broadcast surround sound and consumer electronics applications, reported today that their installed base for the AudioTools Server automated audio processor line has outstripped all projections for FY 2011 and sales are setting records for the first half of FY 2012.

AudioTools Server is an enterprise software system for file-based workflows. Though loudness control and quality control automation are the two most sought after configurations, AudioTools Server is designed to automate most audio processing tasks. A complete, turnkey solution for managing and processing linear PCM, Dolby E, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital Plus content, as well as the audio essence in MXF and QuickTime(r) files, AudioTools Server extracts audio essence, processes the data in a wide variety of ways, and reconfigures channel assignments as required prior to repackaging.

John Schur, President of Minnetonka Audio, credits the company's combined knowledge and experience for the success of their AudioTools Server platform. "Over 25 years of award winning OEM and retail audio development, combined with our close collaborations with system integrators and broadcasters, has given us a deep understanding of file-based workflows," Schur said. "This has resulted in our ATS platform, the ultimate vehicle for file-based audio post processing. AudioTools Server represents decades of expertise encapsulated in a flexible, focused package of audio specialization with a low cost of entry. Some of the largest broadcasters worldwide have acknowledged that leadership."

The focused audio expertise embodied in the AudioTools Server product line has been recognized by global broadcasters and post houses as they address recommended practices for loudness control in the face of changing requirements. Leading broadcasters in Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands and in the US have all purchased AudioTools Server configurations to maximize throughput while maintaining quality and compliance.

Markus Hintz, Director of Global Sales and Business Development, observes that strong sales are a result of AudioTools Loudness Control Server becoming the de facto standard for file-based loudness control. "In the European Union, where governmental efforts to control subjective loudness have been underway for several years, we provide a welcome problem solver that's scalable and easily integrated into existing production environments."

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